We are a pathfinder company in the world of wellness and accommodation, which is run by enthusiastic team members with an innovative thinking vision and passion to expand our business. We are a team who courageously travel through any boundaries to discover our desired destination and accept any challenge boldly to make the difference. Hotshot Hotelier is basically powered by Shoolin Design Pvt. Ltd., an emerging company who has been designing and developing websites for many prestigious clients since 2011. Those clients truly inspired us and gave the privilege to share their story and set up their business. It is said that success can only be achieved over years of diligent work, attention to detail, always learning, taking challenges and being passionate with whatever work you do, only than you can relish in the joy of success. And our team is fully dedicated to all such things.


So, when and where this has begun and we learnt what we wanna be?

We just want to share the beauty that any luxurious hotel experience offers to its guests. For us, this work is just an opportunity to share what is actually there, to find the details and share it with our guests, and in this way we have created this company. We all team members believe that this journey of ours will progress with time and get more powerful and it will become a part of evolution of us as a society.

We combine energy and essence of accommodation online and we share that information with you to create a memorable experience. Now a day people just don’t want overload of information, they need to review other people’s experience also along with informative data. And we provide medium for those reviews to our guests, and in this way we articulate better business with the world and get aligned with it. It is said that you will only get that out of your life what you put in it, so when it comes down to share your knowledge, passion and your business with your guests, try to put your whole energy, time and money with as many as you can offer, and that’s what we do at Hotshot Hotelier.


Our vision for Hotshot Hotelier as a revenue management company is to connect with our clients as well as our guests with simplicity and transparency, and give them the best service. We believe that going on vacations and travelling is part of our life, which make our life more beautiful. It is the time when we can come closer to our loved ones and our family. And it is also the time to experience and reflect ourselves also, and celebrate the journey of life which will stay with us forever. Our vision is to create such memorable moments for you and your family.

We, the team of Hotshot Hotelier are really grateful for the opportunity we have got to do what we do every day to be the part of your journey of life and celebration, and to make your holidays memorable and create wonderful moments for you, with amazingly talented people in our team both as clients and as guests. And when we look forward to doing this work on and on, we hopefully think that once our paths will meet either as our client or as our guest and we will get to serve you our best.